Your  training will be supervised by experienced  instructors

We dived for over 25 years and  teaching for 20 years ;)

Thousands of dives are in our hands in very diverse areas.

Techniques and pedagogy of reputable agencies such as TDI, IANTD, CMAS, GUE will be taught to you

A schedule of different courses is online so that you can get involved and you can also propose dates to which you are free ...

Programs and Prices

Our courses consist of a part theory, land drill (ground techniques), dives, debriefing, theoretical examination (if provided in the standards)

Our prices do not include: certifications, your gases, rentals of equipment, educational materials (workbooks, deco tables ...)

Instructor's air gas are included, not other gases (nitrox,trimix,oxygen)

Private lesson: + 30% on the price