Guided dives

Supervised dives in our caves according to your level


Diving according to your cave diving certification

One to two dives on the day (Air or nitrox, no deco)

If multistages and / or decompression required, only one dive a day


2 dives of max 60 min (air / nitrox)
220 € (instructor’s gases included)

1 dive of 60min (air / nitrox) on half day
140 € (instructor’s gases included)

1 trimix dive with deco, runtime from 90 to 120 min
180 € (extra cost for gases)

Diving over 120 min on request

Extra: Rental equipment and your gases

For scooter diving, the rental of the scooter is to be added

Large extended information briefing,  travel, logistics and debriefing included