Second hand

The scooters below haved been sold to the first owner by us.
Their traceability is irreproachable as well as their condition.
They are maintained and recharged according to Bonex guidelines.
Most are still under warranty.
The school regularly runs its scooters (from 6 months to a year).

These scooters Bonex will provide you pleasant and long dives :-

Availability second hand

* 2 Reference RS  with upgrade Sept 2018,  12 dives (5250€ without VAT) and 16 Dives (5100€ without VAT ) ALL SOLD
* Ecos S October 2018 with 8 dives 4200€ without VAT  SOLD

And for infos:

One Reference RS on stock

All our scooters are delivered to” The Cave To Be” in order to give you useful information for their smooth running