The filling station

Probably one of the most efficient filling station in France!

Air, Nitrox and Trimix up to 320 bar

Oxygen up to 200 bar

All cave diving equipment available to rent

420 liter 5 ° refrigerated water reservoir

1 BAUER compressor from 13 m³ / h to 230 bar (transfer of mixtures at low pressure and helium)

5 compressors BAUER of 15, 2x24 and 2x36 m³ / h at 330 bars

1 low pressure compressor and a membrane for the direct production of nitrox 32

2 electronic sticks for the manufacture of nitrox (max 40%) via oxygen B50

2 boosters O²

10  B50 to 220b Air

4  B50 to 330b Air

4  B50 to 220b Nitrox32

8  B80 to 330b Nitrox32

Some B50 with standardized mixtures 21/35, 18/45, 10/50

Permanent stock of 8 B50 O² and 6 B50 He

Modern software for calculations of mixtures.