DPV Cave Diver

This course allows a faster progression in caves while keeping the rules of safety and taking advantage of the comfort that a scooter provides.

Positioning, scooter and gas management, escape techniques, protection of the environment ... A whole program

After completing this training successfully, the diver is qualified to dive in caves, without supervision, with a scooter (DPV).
- penetration, navigation, depth, limited according to your qualifications

Program: 2 to 3 days
- theory and briefing
- 1 free practice session
- 3 cave dives

Required level :
- Be certified TDI or IANTD Cave Diver or equivalent
- Minimum 25 experience Cave dives
- Be a certified elementary scooter diver is an advantage

Price: 450 € / 2 days or 600€ / 3 days (excluding scooter rental)

Next course(s)
From 27/07/2024 to 29/07/2024 (Reste 2 places)
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