CV Oli

Diver for more than 25 years, more than 3500 dives throughout the world.
I like all types of dives but especially wrecks and caves.
Very active in overhead environment (more than 1000 dives)

I like teaching Cave technical courses, I have an addiction to know the Why and the How of things.
Everything has an explanation, simple or complex, and teaching for me is an art, a passion.

To pass on his passion is pure happiness, the smile on his face and the wonder in the eyes of a student after a dive is priceless .....




IANTD Trimix Instructor.
IANTD EANx & Trimix Gas Blender Instructor.
IANTD Technical Cave Instructor.
IANTD Adv Cave DPV (scooter) Instructor.
IANTD Multi Stages Cave Instructor
IANTD Adv Sidemount Cave instructor
IANTD The Essentials Instructor.
IANTD Instructor Trainer

TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor.
TDI Cave Instructor.
TDI Cave Sidemount Instructor
TDI Stages Cave Instructor
TDI Advanced DPV  Cave Instructor
TDI Technical DPV Cave Instructor
TDI Nitrox & Trimix Gas Blender Instructor

TDI CCR Cave Megalodon Advanced Mixed Gaz Diluent Diver.
TDI CCR Full Cave Diver.
TDI CCR Megalodon Instructor

GUE Cave2 and T1 Diver

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer.